SOE plans to “make good” for its MMO players

| April 27, 2011
SOE plans to "make good" for its MMO players

Certain games just don’t function without the PSN.

Sony Online Entertainment wants to make things up to the fans who have been unable to play thanks to the current PSN outage. The company has announced that a Double Station Cash day will take place on April 30th and they’ll also be hosting a series of events across SOE’s entire portfolio of online games. Station Cash is the currency used in SOE MMOs. 

SOE also says that they’re working on another plan to “make good” with the players of DC Universe Online and Free Realms, although they did not disclose any specific details. Considering that DCUO players must pay a monthly subscription fee, some free play time would be a good place to start.

Of course, Sony has to have the PSN up and running by April 30th in order to deliver on those promises, but at least they’ll be making an effort to apologize to their MMO fans.

Source: Kotaku

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