This Solid Gold NES is Worth Every Penny

| April 4, 2016
This Solid Gold NES is Worth Every Penny

Analogue is making a solid gold Nintendo Entertainment System, and it’s worth every penny – if you’ve got 500 thousand pennies lying around. The 24-karat version of the Analogue Nt NES console costs $5,000, and has a limited production of ten systems worldwide.

The company is known for its standard NES remake, the Analogue Nt – although by no means is it “standard”.

The Nt is capable of playing any NES game, by using actual NES hardware underneath its sleek, modern design. This console revives classic Nintendo gaming and delivers it to modern gamers by taking advantage of multiple types of outputs, such as RGB or HDMI – a feature that often restricts gamers from playing the original 8-bit console on newer TVs. The original Analogue Nt is a tenth of the price of its gold counterpart with a $500 price tag.

This Solid Gold Nes Is Worth Every Penny 2

The golden Analogue Nt was developed to celebrate the 30


anniversary of The Legend of Zelda’s release on the NES back in 1986. Because of the game’s milestone, Analogue will be including a gold version of the original Legend of Zelda cartridge.

This Solid Gold Nes Is Worth Every Penny 3

If you feel like dropping $5,000 on a solid gold retro console, ten consoles are available for reservation on Analogue’s website.

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