Sony CEO Talks PS4 Used Game Policy, Believes ‘Value’ Comes from Reselling Games

Sony CEO Talks PS4 Used Game Policy, Believes ‘Value’ Comes from Reselling Games

Sony Computer Entertainment America’s (SCEA) chief executive officer Jack Tretton says the PlayStation 4 is consumer-oriented console; because of that, there should be no limit on used games nor a constant Internet connection requirement.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Tretton believes his company appeals to consumers on a worldwide basis. While he understands there’s a high level of broadband adoption in his native United States, Tretton acknowledges his product is also in countries where “people don’t have the ability to connect on a daily basis”.

With regards to used games, Tretton says the flexibility in sharing titles amongst friends and/or reselling them to retailers creates value for the first-time purchase. He also adds consumers would feel less inclined to purchase games should this type of flexibility be revoked.

“The other thing that it relates to the ownership of the game, if people pay a lot of money for that, they equate the value with flexibility they have in that,” Tretton says. “[They can] do with it as they choose; to give it with their friends, sell it to their friends; trade it in with another retailer; that creates value in the initial purchase they make.”

During Sony’s E3 press conference last Monday, Tretton was the one to be the bearer of good news, revealing to attendees at the Los Angeles Convention Center the PlayStation 4 supports used games and doesn’t call for an online check-in every 24 hours. Upon this news, the crowd rejoiced in a chorus of cheers.

However, rival Microsoft’s Xbox One has besieged much confusion with respects to its online requirements and used game policies. Microsoft has since confirmed users would have to check-in at least once a day. While the console would allow used games, Microsoft says the onus is ultimately on the publishers.

As far as the price point is concerned, Tretton says is company has “hit a really nice chord” in selling the PlayStation 4 for $399. Besides, according to Tretton, the goal is to be consumer-friendly in order to drive volume as quickly as possible.

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