Sony creating Last of Us movie

| Mar 6, 2014

The combination of Joel and Ellie in the PlayStation 3 action game exclusive, The Last of Us, captivated people around the world, and as a result the Naughty Dog title is receiving the big screen treatment.

Neil Druckmann, creative director at Naughty Dog, will write the film’s script according to Deadline’s exclusive story. Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra, Naughty Dog co-presidents, alongside game director Bruce Straley are also involved with the project.

Screen Gems, Sony’s own production company will be distributing the movie, while The Evil Dead director Sam Raimi and his Ghost House Pictures company are also attached to the project. The capacity of Raimi’s involvement is still unclear.

Wells had some positive things to say about Screen Gems and Ghost House Pictures.

“Since our game released last June, we’ve talked with many companies about making a film, but we couldn’t have found better partners who share our creative vision and high standards.”

Arguably one of the most emotional games of last year, The Last of Us relied heavily on those elements alongside the survival-horror theme, resulting in a magnificent story-telling, and gameplay experience. Raimi’s extensive history with horror and character development should come into play nicely here. Though the initial reaction to this announcement is likely being met with sighs and shoulder shrugs, the talent behind the project is undeniable.

The question now is, who should play the main roles of Joel and Ellie? Ellen Page will be playing one of them right?

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