Sony Gives Subtle Hints Towards PlayStation’s Future

| December 12, 2018
Playstation to End PS Plus Support for PS3 and PS Vita Next Year

If there’s one thing that excites gamers, it’s hearing about the next big thing. Be it a new console or simply the next game we’ve been waiting for, most announcements come worth the wait. In a list of few subtle hints, Sony may be very well uncovering that next big thing. 

After Sony’s surprising leave of The Game Awards this last week, one fan took his disappointment to his own hands and wrote a tweet that read  “Have to say I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see @ShawnLayden talk about anything for @PlayStation hoping we got good things on the horizon” 

To not only that fan’s, but everyone’s surprise , Shawn Layden replied, leaving the biggest hint of ambiguity coming into 2019. “See you in the new year” Layden replied, and while the ambiguity could simply hint towards a new game, many fans have come to believe that it in fact refers to the awaited PlayStation 5. 

With Microsoft announcing that its next console will be released sometime around next year and Nintendo possibly unveiling a Switch Pro in the upcoming quarter, many have made sense of the possibility that the days of the PS4 are indeed over, but as of now this is simply a rumour and as painful as it may be for some to say – all we can do is wait for that next big thing. 

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