Sony Japan dismisses reports about NGP launch delay

| Apr 7, 2011
Sony Japan dismisses reports about NGP launch delay

Despite earlier comments, the electronics giant claims that the recent earthquake will not affect the launch of the new handheld.

Sony America boss Jack Tretton recently insinuated that the earthquake in Japan might delay the launch of the upcoming NGP handheld, but Sony Japan is now looking to distance itself from that claim. According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony spokesperson Satoshi Fukuoka says that Tretton’s analysis was “wrong,” and adds that, “So far we see no impact from the quake on our launch plan.”

Japan was rocked by a 7.1 magnitude aftershock earlier today and it’s not yet clear if the second quake will have any serious impact on the situation on the island. That said, Fukuoka’s statement isn’t particularly surprising. Even prior to the first March 11 earthquake, the NGP release date was a highly unspecific “Late 2011” and there was no guarantee that the NGP would make it to North America before 2012. That’s still the case, and all it means is that we may have to be a little patient while waiting for the handheld.

Source: 1up

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