Sony: May 31 PSN restoration date is inaccurate

| May 11, 2011
Sony: May 31 PSN restoration date is inaccurate

There’s still no concrete deadline for the return of the PSN.

Despite recent reports, Patrick Seybold, SCEA’s director of corporate communications and social media, says there’s still no planned restoration date for the PlayStation Network. Sony representative Shigenori Yoshida had told Bloomberg that Sony’s “plan to restart the services fully by May 31 is unchanged,” but it appears to be a case of unfortunate wording. Sony plans to get the online service back up and running sometime in May, but not necessarily on the last day of the month.

If the May 31 date proves correct, the PSN will have been down for a full 41 days, so many Sony fans were understandably upset about the latest reports. Seybold is doing his best to correct the misinformation, and adds that he’s “trying to clean it all up now.” 

Source: Venture Beat

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