Sony Removes Easy Platinum Trophy Game From The PlayStation Network

Sony Removes Easy Platinum Trophy Game From The PlayStation Network

Sony has removed the title 1000 Top Rated from the PlayStation Network, a title that gave players an easy Platinum trophy in lieu of actual meaningful content.

The title in question touted itself in being the easiest Platinum trophy on the PlayStation 4. The game had an estimated time of an hour to get the said Platinum trophy.

In fact, the easy Platinum trophy can be achieved under the advertised one hour mark. YouTube videos began to surface shortly after 1000 Top Rated went live on the PlayStation Network, in which the advertised one hour to Platinum was cut down to a mere 20 minutes.

Although 1000 Top Rated is technically a game, it is blatantly clear that the “games” true purpose was offering achievement and trophy hunters an easy Platinum trophy in exchange for a few bucks.

Sony has probably done the right thing in removing the game from the PlayStation Network, as the title offered up very little in terms of an actual, meaningful gaming experience.

For those curious as to what the actual game offered players in term of gameplay, 1000 Top Rated gave buyers a series of bare bone and simplistic sliding puzzles. the title is akin to something you’d find in the dredges of your favourite mobile app store or some obscure Flash game website. The trailer attached below highlights the shameful selling point 1000 Top Rated tried to sell to PlayStation gamers.

For anyone who might have actually wanted to purchase 1000 Top Rated for an easy Platinum trophy can spend their hard earned money on titles such as My Name is Mayo or any of the Telltale games offered on the PlayStation Network.

The Telltale games are especially good for those who actually want a bit more substance and actual gameplay in their games, opposed to trophies in exchange for money.

It is unclear if 1000 Top Rated will ever be put back up on the PlayStation Network. Currently, no official statement has been made on the matter by either the developer of Top Rated 1000 nor Sony.

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