Sony Suggests At Least 90FPS for PlayStation VR

| November 20, 2015
Sony Suggests At Least 90FPS for PlayStation VR

As time slowly counts down to PlayStation VR hitting store shelves, more and more details trickle out about how Sony is getting developers ready for the VR Revolution.

At MIGS 2015, a game summit held in Montreal, Vernon Harmon did a talk about Embracing Virtual Reality of PlayStation VR. In this talk he went into detail about what PlayStation VR could do, but also what they suggest developers strive towards when building games. An interesting point came out of this, the fact that 60FPS is just not good enough for PlayStation VR.

Vernon Harmon goes into details at why 60FPS is the bare minimum and how even that is not good enough to achieve a good VR experience. He then follows up by saying that “We suggest you hit at least 90 if not 120.” He also mentions that any dropped frames will cause discomfort and loss of presence for anyone playing on the system. This target is a great step for Sony and gives a glimpse at how they are pushing for a consumer friendly final product.

With the PS4 having less power than the PC, sacrifices will be made to achieve a playable experience, but it is good to see that comfort of the player is one Sony is not willing to make. Having tested the PlayStation VR first hand at many conferences, It is clear Sony is trying to make a mass-market product, and this is one more step in that direction.

You can watch the full talk here.

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