Sony’s E3 Press Conference Line Up Apparently Leaked

| May 8, 2014
Sony's E3 Press Conference Line Up Apparently Leaked 1

It’s nearly a month until E3, but it looks like all the cats are out of Sony’s bag for their press conference.

A source has apparently leaked all of Sony’s announcements for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita.

Some of the supposed announcements include a trailer and announcement for God of War 4, a 3 minute Uncharted 4 presentation that shows Nathan/Francis gameplay, and a new MediaMolecule title.

All of the titles and descriptions can be read here.

Again, this is just a rumour, but the legitimacy of it seems pretty good (well, except for The Last Guardian actually coming out) considering the site that broke this is a pretty well respected mostly PlayStation site.

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