Spider Man 2099 Will Return In New Comic Series In July

Spider Man 2099 Will Return In New Comic Series In July

Spider Man 2099 will soon be making his return to the comic book world in the form of an ongoing series, written by the character’s original creator Peter David, and illustrated by Will Sliney (Fearless Defenders).

It appears the questions surrounding the future role of Miguel O’Hara, following his entrapment in our present timeline at the end of Superior Spider Man #19, will finally be addressed. Newsarama has reported that O’Hara will be sticking around to try and alter the future he came from, where mega-corporations like Alchemax rule the city of New York.

This makes perfect sense, since we witness O’Hara take a job at the newly formed Alchemax corporation near the end of Superior Spider Man #19, in order to keep tabs on Tiberius Stone, his new boss and future father of his longtime nemesis Tyler Stone.

The 2099 series that emerged in 1992 ran for 46 issues, 44 of which were written by Peter David. The instability Marvel Comics faced during this period in time however, resulted in the firing of many writers and artists. David decided to walk away from the series, and Marvel turned the 2099 titles over to fill-in writers and editors, who only managed to continue the series for two more issues before it finally perished. Aside from a few rare appearances here and there, a consistent Spider Man 2099 series was no where to be found.

With Peter David returning to the series, combined with the fact that O’Hara’s stuck in the mainstream Marvel timeline, the possibilities for stories are quite exciting, considering the breadth of characters available in the Heroic Age, and the experience David has with the character.

O’Hara is a lot tamer than Parker – but isn’t entirely devoid of humour either – and David was able to capture this character trait very well during the 44 issues he wrote in the 90’s.

Watching Spider Man 2099 trying to alter the future he came from by attempting to influence Alchemax’s direction, will be interesting. Every interaction with Stone will likely be meaningful, as he tries to turn him into someone who actually cares about others, which will potentially lead to him raising his son Tyler Stone, into a less hateful selfish human being.

Spider-Man 2099 will launch in July.

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