Square Enix Releases Teaser of Final Fantasy XV DLC, “Episode Ignis”

Square Enix Releases Teaser of Final Fantasy XV DLC, "Episode Ignis"

Square Enix has given a release window for the next piece of Final Fantasy XV downloadable content.

Though Final Fantasy XV’s “Episode Prompto” DLC doesn’t release until tomorrow, Square Enix is already giving fans a reason to be excited for future content. Releasing in December, the next character-focused story content will be “Episode Ignis”. Square Enix released a teaser trailer for the upcoming DLC that players will be able to unlock and view for themselves after clearing “Episode Prompto”. The trailer shows Ignis, pinned down in the rain by a group of soldiers led by Ardyn before the screen cuts to black.

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Square Enix released an update for Final Fantasy XV today, version 1.12. Aside from various bug fixes the 8.65GB update grants players access to the new “Type-D” Regalia, allowing the vehicle to drive off-road. The update is currently available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The newly released update will also add compatibility for tomorrow’s “Episode Prompto”. This chapter of Final Fantasy XV focuses on Noctis’ gunslinging comrade, Prompto as he searches for the truth of his origin while surviving in an arctic setting. This DLC will mark the first time that Prompto is featured as a playable character.

Square Enix plans to release extra story content focusing on all of the main characters in Final Fantasy XV. The company previously released DLC centred around Gladiolus. Additionally, weapon and equipment packs have also been released. Future DLC plans have been made to add extra content and gameplay mechanics, including an online cooperative mode for up to four players. A season pass for Final Fantasy XV is currently available for $24.99, unlocking all future content for the game.

“Episode Prompto” will be available tomorrow to download tomorrow for all those who have already bought the season pass. Players can buy the DLC individually for $4.99.

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