Star Fox 64 3D won’t support online multiplayer

| May 13, 2011
Star Fox 64 3D won't support online multiplayer

Information from Nintendo’s latest retailer briefing has made it onto the Internet.

Nintendo recently held a retailer briefing in Japan, and an employee at a popular Tsutaya store in Shibuya, Tokyo has shared a few details on Twitter. According to the tweets, Star Fox 64 3D, the 3DS remake of the Nintendo 64 classic, will feature three gameplay modes – 3DS Mode, N64 Mode and Versus Mode – but there will be no online multiplayer even though many fans had been hoping that the game would take advantage of the handheld’s Wi-Fi capabilities.

As for the stuff that will be on the cartridge, the 3DS mode will utilize the handheld’s gyro sensors to allow players to control the Arwing by tilting the unit itself (think of an iOS racing game), while the Versus Mode will try to emulate the multiplayer experience of the original title. Battles will involve a maximum of four players, and there will be a download play option that allows four people to play locally with only one actual cartridge of the game. It’s an interesting feature, but if Nintendo wants to increase its online presence, it’s probably not going to be an adequate substitute for full online multiplayer.

Star Fox 64 3D will be out in Japan on July 14 for the 3DS, although there’s still no word about a North American release date. 

Sources: Siliconera and Andriasang

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