Star Wars Squadrons’ Progression Offers Different Pathways

Star Wars Squadrons' Progression Offers Different Pathways
Star Wars Squadrons will have all of its progression earned “solely” through playing, according to EA in their latest update to the upcoming online space dogfighting game.

Pilots will be turning on their TIE Fighters and X-Wings before flying off into battle, earning XP. points by a traditional multiplayer grind. These points would be varied on performance and participation across both Single Player and Multiplayer matches. A new currency, called Glory will be earned through its game modes, Challenges, Operations and the player’s level. Glory is also Squadrons’ own way of buying ship cosmetics for both New Republic and Empire sides.

Star Wars Squadrons' Progression Offers Different Pathways
Star Wars Squadrons – EA

Following true multiplayer progression, players will be using XP. to level up and earn Requisition – another separate currency for unlocking ship parts. Its deeper pilot briefing page details some of these options including primary and auxillary weapons, countermeasures, hull, shields and engines which all come with their own balancing for the perfect ship.

XP, Glory and Requisition are also rewarded in big sums through completing challenges. Following Jabba’s contracts and traditional challenges in Star Wars Battlefront II, players can check which tasks are close to completing for rewards. They can also finish Daily Challenges, which clear out a timed overall Operation Challenge if everything is done for the day.

Star Wars Squadrons' Progression Offers Different Pathways
Star Wars Squadrons – EA

If your head isn’t spinning from zero-Gs or progression yet, Star Wars Squadrons also contains its own Battle Pass. Called Operations, it’s an eight-week timed roadmap that can be progressed by finishing challenges. Each one done pushes you further towards unlocking tiers of cosmetics out of reach with Glory points. In other words, the best loot from Star Wars Squadrons comes from Operations, which also reward players based on skill rating and commitment to the grind.

Completing more challenges will also ascend players into their own competitive high-tiered ranks. According to EA, the ranks move up from: Maverick, Hero, Valiant, Legend and all the way to Galactic Ace. All Star Wars Squadrons players have eight weeks to climb through the ranks before it resets, while reaching one would earn a special exclusive helmet.

Star Wars Squadrons is releasing on October 2, 2020 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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