Street Fighter 6 Launch Celebrates with Twitch Super Ultra Combo Week

Street Fighter 6

With the release of Street Fighter 6 just around the corner, Twitch has announced an entire week of celebration that it’s dubbed “Super Ultra Combo Week.”

Running from May 29th-June 2nd, Twitch’s Super Ultra Combo Week will highlight a wealth of fighting content from streamers, on top of plenty of prizes and giveaways.

A press release for the event details how creators can be featured, saying, “Throw your hat in the ring by streaming at least 10 minutes of your favourite fighting game (or fighting game-inspired content) and tagging your stream with “SuperUltraCombo” for a chance to be featured on the front page.”

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Viewers, on the other hand, can receive an exclusive chat badge by simply watching five minutes of Super Ultra Combo Week content. These featured streams will run throughout the entire week. However, there are a few special events planned.

On June 1st, the first official playthrough of Street Fighter 6 for North America will take place, featuring IFCYipeS and T-Pain. The stream will provide a detailed look at Street Fighter 6, and you can tune in on IFCYipeS’s channel.

June 2nd, of course, is the launch of Street Fighter 6, which will see Twitch showcasing streams of the game. In a strange twist, though, viewers in the USA and Canada can watch SF6 streams to earn free Chips and Guac from Chipotle.

Finally, after Super Ultra Combo Week, June 7th will see the Twitch Rivals Street Fighter Event, a 5vs squad battle competition hosted by Maximillian_DOOD, with a $50K prize pool.

Street Fighter 6 is set to bring a wealth of innovations to the long-running franchise, not the least of which is a brand-new control scheme. Players can choose to swap between the classic controls and a new “modern” option, which puts many special attacks on a single button. Apart from that, there’s an expansive new RPG-inspired story mode and a handful of new characters.

Street Fighter 6 launches on June 2nd for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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