Super Mario Bros. Comes To The Big Screen With New Trailer

First Poster For The Super Mario Bros. Film Has Arrived & New Trailer To Launch Oct 6

With yesterday’s Super Mario Bros. movie trailer reveal, fans are torn.

The new Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer begins with a battle against the most iconic enemy, Bowser, making a huge entrance, an entire island castle as he always does, the penguins fighting against him with snowballs to no avail. Bowser gets his hands onto a star and asks, “now who’s going to stop me?!”, followed by a transition, and finally we get our first look at Chris Pratt’s Mario.

YouTube video

The animation is smooth and really does have that ‘Super Mario feel’ to it, which is something that I think is worth mentioning as just a few years ago we faced the problem of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie not looking quite how we imagined it. Although the animation and voice acting are touching to the classic series, fans are still wondering if Chris Pratt was the right choice for something this close to so many people’s hearts.

In the trailer when Mario appears on-screen and begins talking there’s immediately an offset of the story, every line before this puts us into the world of Super Mario just as the games do, but as the most iconic man in the game series begins speaking, immediately takes you out of that world. One of the most iconic parts of the Super Mario universe is Mario’s voice. It’s fairly strange for fans to see their favourite character not match his own voice. In fact, there’s already fan-made voice-overs on Twitter and YouTube just hours after the release of the trailer.

Putting that aside, fans of the Super Mario Bros. series LOVE this animation style; in fact there’re almost no complaints whatsoever on animation; it captures the essence of the game while also being original. More than that, fans are crazy about the clips of Bowser in the movie’s trailer, Jack Black has an incredible portrayal of the character and fans are just loving his role! 

The Super Mario Bros. movie is said to release on April 7, 2023, almost exactly 40 years after the initial Super Mario Bros. game released on April 4, 1983.

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