Super Rare Games Announces Limited Physical Bloodroots as First Edition For 2022

Super Rare Announces A Limited Physical 'Bloodroots' As The First Edition For 2022

Kicking off 2022, Super Rare Games is bringing platformer Bloodroots into gamer’s hands soon with its limited physical release.

Super Rare Games is known for one thing, how to make some excellent physical limited edition copies of video games. Although it is a New Year, there is still amazing physical prowess on the market.

Super Rare games still offer their physical product with a true aim of limited physical releases. Their latest of 2021 was the Metal Unit limited physical copy for the Nintendo Switch. They have yet to change course on their excellent products, and hopefully, for all physical collectors, they won’t.

The latest to receive the prestigious Super Rare treatment, and the first of 2022, is Bloodroots for the Nintendo Switch.

Super Rare Games Announces Limited Physical Bloodroots As First Edition For 2022

Bloodroots features a charming art style, with a mature subject matter. Mr. Wolf tries to right what’s wrong by means of sweet, sweet revenge. The art style is nothing to scoff at either, as the game is entirely pleasant to look at even though the snow sometimes gets painted red. The combo system will leave players howling at a good time.

Features of Bloodroots:

  • Pick up and fight: The world has a staggering amount of ‘hey is this a weapon?’ items, and most of them are, be the big bad easily.
  • Do or Die encounters: The weird West setting is no match for Mr. Wolf. Keep going until you meet your demise, then try again. Grab and use everything, improvisation is key for survival.
  • Different Biomes: Guide Mr. Wolf to revenge through landscapes spilled onto canvas in the stunning art style Bloodroots offers.

Super Rare Games is making the physical edition of Bloodroots at a Super Rare edition of 4000 limited copies, so those looking to enact revenge shouldn’t wait to visit the site when it drops on January 13, at 1 pm EST. Check here for when it drops to bark at the moon as Mr. Wolf.

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