Is Nintendo Getting Ready to Announce The Switch Pro?

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We’ve been hearing rumours about a ‘Switch Pro‘ or a revision to the current model of Nintendo Switch since the hybrid console released in 2017, but recently the rumours have picked up a lot more steam, and we it’s possible we’re not that far away from Nintendo finally revealing the next addition to the Switch family of systems.

It was always going to happen. Eventually Nintendo would be releasing a better, upgraded model of the Nintendo Switch. They’ve already revised the console once with what is now the standard model Nintendo Switch with a better battery life than the original launch model. The Switch Lite was an expansion of what Nintendo has been calling the Switch family of systems. It was always clear they were working on something like this, it just wasn’t clear on what exactly this would look like, and whether or not an upgrade for Nintendo would be something like a 4K capable console or just adding themes to the home screen.

What has made everything pick up speed has been the recent reports from Bloomberg (paywall) and Eurogamer who corroborated the Bloomberg report. They both claim that we could be seeing the Switch revision as early as this week, and that Nintendo has a pre-E3 reveal for the Switch Pro planned. This would be in order to allow publishers currently slated to present before Nintendo announce titles currently in development for the system. It’s worth noting that Nintendo’s event currently isn’t dated, so it is possible that things could change or be revealed within the coming days.

There was also a listing for a ‘New Nintendo Switch Pro’ discovered on Amazon Mexico, which has since been taken down but not before being spotted by Twitter user Alphabeat and VGC. That is something that hasn’t happened before, which does seriously imply that we are now actually getting close to the console’s announcement. What’s also key here is the fact that it’s not at all uncommon for Nintendo to announce new hardware before E3 rather than at the event itself, something they’ve done with the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Wii.

In any case, we’ll just have to wait and see what these next two weeks have in store for us.

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