Swords of Legends Online Reaper Class Spotlight

Swords of Legends Online Reaper Class Spotlight 4
Making its debut in the West for the first time, the popular MMORPG based on Chinese mythology and part of the Gujian series of multimedia ventures, Swords of Legends Online promises to deliver an epic remaster for new fans of RPGs and MMOs to sink their teeth into later this year.

Set to release sometime this coming Summer, Swords of Legend Online will make its remastered debut on PC, bringing with it a rich fantasy-focused world that borrows elements and themes found in Chinese folklore and legends. To build anticipation for the forthcoming release, Gameforge, the publisher behind SOLO’s western showing, released a never before seen trailer for English speaking audiences, featuring the Reaper class character.

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Gameforge describes Reapers as wraith-like warriors who blend and melt into the shadows to turn the tide of battle. In terms of character playstyle, those wanting to check out the Reaper can look forward to a melee heavy DPS character with support abilities, which should be a good all-around fit for most players. Players can look forward to harnessing the powers of darkness and death itself as they use cunning assassin DPS abilities that employ the use of quick speed. Support oriented players can hone their inner healer as they master Occultist powers that call upon the otherworldly healing abilities of the goddess Nüwa.

Solo Reaper Gameplay
SOLO Reaper Gameplay

In terms of character lore, Reapers are described as hailing from a place called Heavenly Ridge, a place of pilgrimage of the followers of Nüwa. Legends say that after the great goddess descended down onto Heavenly Ridge, its occupants split into two distinct factions. Among them, the underground temple, home of the Grand Warlock’s Guard and birthplace of the Reaper class.

Swords of Legend Online currently has no release date but is slated to release sometime this coming Summer on PC. The game will be available to play on Steam, the Epic game launcher and Gameforge’s own client.

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