Tarsier Studios Reveal Surreal Teaser for Hunger

| Mar 3, 2015
Tarsier Studios Reveal Surreal Teaser for Hunger 2

Tarsier Studios, perhaps best known for LittleBigPlanet Vita and LBP 3, released an amazingly creepy, yet somehow still cute, initial teaser for their upcoming game Hunger.

Tarsier is calling the game a suspense-adventure, in which the main protagonist, little yellow rainjacketed Six, is trapped in a creepy underwater labyrinth full of giant monsters called The Maw.


The dollhouse view of the setting is disorienting in a good way, adding to the level of warped nightmarish visuals. Not only are the monsters huge, but everything from chairs to kitchen pots are enormous compared to little Six, who must sneak around in order to explore the dark, grime-covered surroundings and find an escape, while she “catches glimpses at the corrupt heart of modern happiness,” reads a Tarsier Studios blog post.

“Hunger will take your hand and let it go at the worst possible moment!” sums it up perfectly.


The studio, based in Malmö, Sweden, was awarded about 67,000 EUR at the Nordic Game Conference last year for development support.

There is no release date or set platform for Hunger yet, but Tarsier has been answering questions on Twitter since the teaser was published on Feb. 25 and is adamant that they respond to any inquiries quickly.

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