TCL Brings 8K, ‘OD Zero’ mini LED Tech and 85-Inch Screens to CES 2021

| January 11, 2021
TCL Brings 8K, 'OD Zero' mini LED Tech and 85-Inch Screens to CES 2021 2

TCL over the past few years have shown themselves to be one of the leaders in affordable and quality large screens for the living room. They have made delivered some of the best TV’s this magazine has seen in recent years, and do so at a price that few others can come close to competing on. But they are not stopping their. This year TCL brings all the latest and greatest to all TVs in their ranges of products, bringing 8K, new technology and larger sizes, all while keeping the aggressive pricing strategy that got them to this point.

First and foremost, TCL will offer 8K as an option for the 6-Series of TV’s going into 2021. These new sets will also upscale lower-res content while delivering a staggering picture for those who have 8K content to indulge in. Thankfully, if you are happy with 4K, the 6-Series will keep offering that as an option, at least for the foreseeable future.

Tcl Brings 8K, 'Od Zero' Mini Led Tech And 85-Inch Screens To Ces 2021 1
TCL 85S435

TCL will also be updating the LED backlighting to keep up with the competition, and will be introducing their third generation mini LED backlighting, named OD Zero. The name comes from the process and distance light is away from the LED screen, since it is now 0mm allowing for an even thinner potential display. While it is hard to say how it will compare to the competition, if the advancements seen in the 2020 model are anything to go by, this has the potential to be a notable improvement.

If that were not enough, TCL is also planning to bring bigger sizes to the homes of consumers at an affordable price point. The new CL lineup of displays will offer sizes up to 85-inches. The low-end of the range will bring a 4-Series 4K XL model and be priced at just $1,599 USD. Higher end models will be launching later in the year bringing with them 120Hz, and mini LED for those who want the best at the biggest size possible.

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