Telltale partners with NBC for episodic Law & Order: LA game

| April 19, 2011

The next Law & Order series will allow fans to play along with the detectives.

Law & Order: Los Angeles, the newest spinoff of NBC’s long running procedural drama, will be getting its own episodic adventure game thanks to the folks over at Telltale Games.

Law & Order: LA follows two detectives – in this case, Ricardo Morales (Alfred Molina) and Tomas “TJ” Jaruszalski (Corey Stoll) – as they try to solve various cases in the city of Los Angeles. Telltale’s game will be similar to the show, and will feature gameplay that incorporates crime solving, interrogation, criminal investigation, and courtroom drama into every episode.

Telltale has plenty of experience with adventure games and has worked on several adaptations of popular franchises. The studio is still working on episodic content for its Back to the Future game, while games based on Jurassic Park and The Walking Dead are currently in the works.

The first game episode of Law and Order: LA will be released sometime this year for the PC, Mac and unspecified consoles. The new NBC/Telltale partnership is good for “multiple years” and includes rights for “integrated social media applications.”

Source: Joystiq

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