MMORPG TERA Finds New Life On PS4 and Xbox One

| Mar 10, 2017
MMORPG TERA Finds New Life On PS4 and Xbox One 1

There used to be a time when the only place you could play an MMORPG was on a fairly high-end computer. But as more and more gamers lean towards the convenience of a console, so to are MMORPG’s making their way to the platform with games like DC Universe Online, Final Fantasy XIV, The Elder Scrolls Online and now TERA.

Announced via press release, En Masse Entertainment will bring their flagship MMORPG, TERA, to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One in 2017. The home console version of TERA will be fully free-to-play and include the entirety of TERAs expansive MMORPG game world as well as an uncompromised conversion of the skill-based “True Action Combat” the franchise is known for.

According to the release, as the only MMORPG with True Action Combat, TERAs real-time and skill-based gameplay is the perfect fit for home consoles. While the game already supports a gamepad on PC, the console version’s control scheme is being redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up to ensure a responsive and visceral combat experience. True to the console experience, the game’s user interface is also being completely rebuilt for consoles with the controller and living room viewing distances in mind.

En Masse Entertainment CEO, Sam Kim expressed excitement about the console launch, saying, “The past five years of TERA have been fantastic. We have an amazing and ever-growing player base on PC and we can’t wait to share TERA with a brand new audience on consoles.”

Kim added, “Everyone at En Masse Entertainment and Bluehole is putting an incredible amount of effort into making sure that console players have the best TERA experience possible, and can enjoy the wide range of content the game has to offer.”

The En Masse Entertainment team will be at PAX East 2017  at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from Friday, March 10 through Sunday, March 12, so be sure to swing by for a chance to chat with the team!

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