The Huawei WatchBuds Launch Confirmed, Around $430 USD

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The phone and tech brand has announced its intentions to create one of its boldest rumoured innovations: the Huawei WatchBuds.

A couple of weeks ago, reports flooded the tech news world with the unimaginable concept of a smartwatch that could house a pair of earbuds. Well, it turned out it was not just an empty concept, and the Huawei WatchBuds will actually be a real piece of art to look out for in the near future. Huawei recently released some concept designs and its intended features and specifications—both on paper and with a video.

Huawei has released a bountiful amount of smartwatches and fitness trackers this year, such as the Huawei Watch GT Runner and the Huawei Band 7—along with the premium Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro. Crazy concepts have not been new in the Huawei camp, as they have already had experience with creating the Huawei Watch GT Cyber, allowing users to customize the straps and the watch’s shell to provide three distinct visuals!

What has driven the hype around the Huawei WatchBuds has been the fact that the earbuds themselves will be contained under a magnetic Flip Cover. The watch’s screen will be able to lift up to reveal the earbuds inside. So far, the specifications were for the watch to have a 47mm case size, and a 1.47-inch circular AMOLED with a 466 x 466-pixel resolution screen.

In terms of features for the earbuds, its bullet-shaped design was said to include ANC; it would be IP54 splash-proof in design; and have ‘real-time hearing optimization’ capabilities that could be used for those with hearing impairments. This would not be a simple smartwatch if the smartwatch itself did not do even more on its own.

The Huawei WatchBuds smartwatch will also have a heart rate monitor, SpO2 sensor, ECG, and atrial fibrillation features. While it would not be waterproof and will not be able to swim with its user, it still had built-in storage for offline playlists, NFC, and Bluetooth calls.

Initially, the tech company claimed the Huawei WatchBuds would have amazing battery life to support the whole system—claiming that the battery life could last up to three days while running Harmony OS 3.0. It was a bold claim, but it may vary depending on the usage time and certain scenarios. However, it will support wireless charging.

The Huawei Watchbuds Is Really Launching In The Near-Future 2

For now, it was said the Huawei WatchBuds will be exclusively released in China for CNY 2,988 (which is around $429 USD). Time will tell if a global release for this nifty device will happen. All I know is that I love the James Bond refined look, with the technological bonus—if only it could house a laser!

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