The Last Guardian Is Teased For PlayStation 4

| Mar 13, 2014
The Last Guardian Is Teased For PlayStation 4

According to Sony, The Last Guardian is still in development some eight years after it was first announced.

Scott Rohde, one of the heads of PlayStation’s software line-up, said in an interview with IGN that the title is “still absolutely in the mix”.

Rohde went on to say that Sony’s “not going to announce what platform it’s coming on, who’s working on it, who’s involved.” This isn’t the first time the company has teased the possibility of a PS4 version. Sony president Shuyei Yoshida said last fall that “they’re going through the re-engineering of the game, so the team size is smaller, because it’s more engineering focused right now.” It’s curious that Yoshida talks about “re-engineering” the game and even more curious that Rohde talks about “what platform it’s on” despite that it was already announced as a PS3 exclusive.

Developed by Team ICO, the masterminds behind Shadow of The Colossus and ICO, The Last Guardian was first introduced way back in 2009. Since then, the game has experienced delay after delay, not to mention the departure of Yoshifusa Hayama; the executive producer. Fumito Ueda (founder of Team ICO) also left Sony, but agreed to work on the game on a contract basis.

Stay tuned to CGM for the next confirmation that this release isn’t actually vapor-ware.

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