The Mandalorian Season 3 Brings Exciting Cameos From Jack Black & Lizzo

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The Mandalorian Season Three offers fan service for those who tune in weekly, and SPOILER ALERT, episode six features some major cameos.

Yesterday, The Mandalorian dropped episode six of season three, titled ‘Guns for Hire,‘ and it welcomed all comers to the galaxy far, far away. The budding season three has been well received so far — Metacritic lists season three at a generally favourable 70% — and there were some huge names to grace the screen with Din Djarin this week. From sci-fi legend Christopher Lloyd, to pop icon Lizzo, with Jack Black finally making his first ever Star Wars appearance as Captain Bombardier in the episode. Below are some images of the stars on screen.

The Mandalorian isn’t new to exciting cameos, with Ted Lasso‘s Jason Sudeikis and Adam Pally adding their comedic chops to Chapter 8, as faceless helmeted Bike Scout Troopers. It’s also worth noting that massive WWE Superstar known in-ring as Sasha Banks, but credited as Mercedes Varnado, appears as reoccurring fan-favourite character Koska Reeves in the series. The director of the episode is Bryce Dallas Howard—who previously helmed two other episodes, Season two’s ‘The Heiress’ and Season one’s ‘Sanctuary’—who Tweeted about her experience running the episode.

Fan reaction for Chapter 22 has been mostly positive, with replies to the Tweet giving credit to the director. Band @TheNearlyDeads responds with “Your episodes are so much fun!” While on the other hand, user @nic_rojas_99says “Loved the directing in this episode, however the script was so weak. Probably the weakest in the entire series,” with a common theme of the writing taking the brunt of the complaints from fans this season.

The Mandalorian season three continues next week on April 12, and the eight-episode season finale likely airing the following week.

Philip Watson
Philip Watson

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