The Medium Breaks Even On Day 1

The Medium Breaks Even On Day 1 1
Blooper Team has announced that their new psychological horror game The Medium has recouped its development and marketing costs after just one day on the market.

The Polish developer announced the news Friday, just 24 hours after the game’s launch on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. It is currently a Xbox exclusive and included in the Game Pass Ultimate, and the first exclusive designed for Microsoft’s next-gen hardware to hit the market.

The Medium Review 6
The Medium – Bloober Team

That prominent position has surely contributed to this milestone. Though The Medium itself saw its share of postponements, it earned the historic honour of being the first Xbox Series exclusive partly in thanks to Halo Infinite‘s hefty delay, having fallen from its original November date. Microsoft’s support in promoting it to the Game Pass on day one would help Blooper Team as well, wit

Recently Cyberpunk 2077 and The Hitman reported similarly quick turnarounds on development investments, albeit with higher profiles and larger teams. Blooper Team, based out of Krakow, has just over 100 employees—a quarter of their compatriots, CD Projekt Red—and much less hype.

Read CGM’s review of The Medium here.

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