The Sims Creator Will Wright Now Teaching Game Design

| Dec 20, 2018
The Sims Creator Will Wright Now Teaching Game Design 1

Fundamental game design can make or break a product needless of how fantastic its core idea is. Realizing this, The Sims creator Will Wright has taken it into his own hands to teach players quintessential game design, all through a very intuitive service.

MasterClass, a start-up online course service now home to such masters of their crafts such as chef Gordon Ramsey, provides specific training through 20 video lessons, each ranging from 10 to 20 minutes each, all with an easy to use, pay for unlimited use service.

According to Variety, in his course, Will Write plans to dive deeper into the artistic design aspects and psychology of making video games. “It’s not so much about getting started as a game designer or about programming or the technical aspects, it’s more about the design aspects,” he told Variety “How do you approach developing a game from a designer’s perspective? How do you integrate systems? How do you gauge a person’s interactive experiences?”

Will Wright also told Variety that it was MasterClass that approached him with the idea. On an interview, Will stated “I’ve given a lot of talks over the years, but it was an interesting challenge for me to try to create a class about my approach to game design,” he said. “Everytime I give a talk it forces me to sit down and think about the process, how I create games.”

Will Wright is responsible for the gaming phenomenon The Sims, and has worked with big publishers such as EA. His MasterClass course is currently available for all those who wish to uncover the misteries of game designing for themselves.

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