The Top Five Deals from XBOX’s Spring Sale

The Top Five Deals from XBOX's Spring Sale 5

Xbox’s annual Spring Sale is currently going on and there are a number of discounted games that deserve a spot in your library.

There are over 400 games included in the Spring Sale, making it the biggest yet for Microsoft. Here are five standout deals that you should check out.

The Top 5 Deals From Xbox'S Spring Sale 11) Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2– $40  (Regularly $80)

If you’re into online shooters then the Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 bundle is perfect for you. Also, while both games are multiplayer shooters their settings and mechanics are extremely different and give you two distinct FPS experience. Titanfall 2’s combat involves futuristic combat with towering mechs along with the series’ first story mode, while Battlefield 1 is a WWI based shooter with an episodic story mode. If you’re still on the fence then it’s important to know that both games are absolutely beautiful.

The Top 5 Deals From Xbox'S Spring Sale 2

2) Borderlands 2 + Borderlands The Pre-Sequel – $24 (Regularly $60)

Borderlands 2 is one of the best video games of the past console generation so having the opportunity to play it at a discounted rate is a great value proposition. The package also included the Pre-Sequel game which takes place before Borderlands 2 but was released after. The fact is that if you have never played the Borderland’s series or even if you have on the previous console generation then this deal is a great one.

The Top 5 Deals From Xbox'S Spring Sale 33) Batman: Arkham Knight – $12  (Regularly $20)

Batman Arkham Knight is the third instalment in the Batman Arkham Trilogy. The game includes all of the great game mechanics from the previous two award-winning titles and also introduces Batman’s famous vehicle, The Batmobile to the Arkham Universe. If you own an XBox One and haven’t played Batman: Arkham Knight before then you owe it to yourself to take advantage of this deal.

The Top 5 Deals From Xbox'S Spring Sale 44) Star Wars Battlefront II – $30 (Regularly $60)

Star Wars Battlefront II is one of the most visually appealing games ever to be released and a must buy for any Star Wars fan. With EA’s recent decision to change the progression system away from a pay to unlock format, coupled with the 50% discount, it’s hard to find reasons not to pick up this game.

The Top 5 Deals From Xbox'S Spring Sale 5

5) Life is Strange Season 1 – $7 (Regularly $20)

If you’re looking for something completely different then the thoughtful and emotionally captivating adventure Life is Strange: Season 1 is definitely worth a look. The game is an award-winning episodic adventure in that lets the player rewind time in order to affect the protagonists past, present and future. Also, if you end up finishing the game, never fear, because Season 2 was recently announced and is currently in development.

Other discounted games include:

The XBox Spring sale runs until April 9th and the full list of discounted games is available on Microsofts’ website.

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