The very best of: April Fools’ 2K11

The very best of: April Fools' 2K11

It’s April Fool again. That means it’s time to sift through the lies to find the actual news.  Luckily, the following are all fake.

Blizzard released a video displaying the would-be “Star Craft Motion: Overdrive ,” where two players take on a lone South Korean and are somehow able to come out on top – likely due to the motion capture abilities of Microsoft’s Kinect.

Gaming accessory company Astro displays its new line of gilded controllers and headsets for the low price of $999.95. Designed for the ‘player’ within the player, these controllers would most likely look best as jewlery than actually being used.

Online retailer Think Geek has unveiled, among other things, a new snack – Angry Birds Pork Rinds , which Think Geek describes as

Super Monkey Cube’s announcement from the SEGA blog is listed as a real-time turn-based RPG with action elements.  “Take turns, read long story arcs, level up with confusingly intricate menus and discover a flat world unlike any other.”

The 975 GB Portal 2 demo currently hosted on File Planet is likely true.  While I’m sure the game will be excellent, I wouldn’t fall for this one myself.

In the vein of everyone’s favourite Window’s 95 paperclip; Blizzard has unveiled its latest dungeon helper named “Crabby”.  Not real, but it would be nice to have some help creating an Azerothian resume for my herbalist proficiency.

Last, most disturbingly, and thankfully untrue is the prank of Steam’s first hentai games being released .  “We thought that titles like Cat Girl Alliance and Come See Me Tonight would fit right in among our portfolio of A-list games,” a Valve employee said in an April 1 statement.  If playing Cat Girl Alliance is really on the top of your to-do list – it looks like you’ll have to skip out on Steam for the meantime.  
A low carb, high protein, high fat snack made from dead pigs that tastes like winning.

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