The Wii gets a price cut from certain retailers

| Apr 19, 2011

The price for the Wii has dropped even faster than expected.

Last week, it was rumored that the Wii would be getting a $50 price cut on May 15, but a few big name retailers seem to have jumped the gun and are already offering Wii bundles at a discounted price. In the US, retailers like Target, Toys R’ Us, GameStop and Best Buy have all slashed the price to $169.99 (down from $199.99), while here in Canada, the stores aren’t being quite as generous. Best Buy and GameStop are the only places offering the Wii at a reduced price, and their websites have it listed for $179.99 instead of the more consumer-friendly $169.99 US listing.

While this isn’t the full $50 price drop that had been rumored, the fact that some retailers are indeed discounting the Wii could mean that they’re making way for another price drop in May. It might be best to wait a few weeks if you’re thinking of buying a Wii.

Source: Joystiq,,

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