The Witcher: Monster Slayer Expected to Launch in the Next Few Months

The Witcher: Monster Slayer Expected to Launch in the Next Few Months

The mobile AR title set in The Witcher universe should be coming in Summer 2021, according to CD Projekt Red and developer Spokko.

During CD Projekt’s 2020 financial results, CFO Piotr Nielubowicz mentioned the mobile title and possible release date coming very soon—likely this Summer.

CD Projekt officially entered the mobile space when it took a majority stake in Polish game’s developer, Spokko, in 2018, but besides the multi-platform releases of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game and Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales, The Witcher: Monster Slayer will be the first mobile release from the company.

Currently, in a soft launch phase in several countries, the location-based mobile game will be free-to-play and will feature the tracking, studying, and fighting of monsters appearing in the real-world via AR technology. Additionally, time of day and weather conditions will alter which story-based experiences you interact with.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer

Following the phenomenon that is Niantic’s Pokémon Go, it seems every major franchise is, not only looking to gain entry to the multi-billion-dollar mobile space but is utilizing altered reality and virtual reality to really try to immerse the player into whatever franchise is on the docket.

For those who can’t get enough of The Witcher and are looking for a more interactive experience than just binge-watching Netflix material from the series, this should at the very least be another interesting way to take part in the world on offer. While gathering trophies from defeated monsters is Geralt’s thing, you will be able to play the part when The Witcher: Monster Slayer officially launches.

“In the past year Spokko – the youngest member of the CD PROJEKT Group – announced The Witcher: Monster Slayer, a location-based AR mobile game,” Nielubowicz said. “Following its soft launch phase, which involved testing in several countries, the game’s official release is fast approaching and we expect it to occur this summer.”

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