The Witcher Season 2 Gets An Exciting New Trailer

| October 29, 2021
The Witcher Season 2 Gets An Exciting New Trailer 3

The hit Netflix series The Witcher, based on a game, based on a book by Andrej Sapkowski finally receives a new trailer showing what’s next for the franchise.

The Witcher’s first season saw a true to the original book “The Last Wish” by Andrej Sapkowski adaptation being that it was an episodic type series that saw the titular character Geralt—played by Henry Cavill—escape peculiar situations that only the mutant monster hunter Witchers can.

As the year wears on, fans get closer to the second season of the hit franchise, Netflix has been trickling out details regarding the series slowly, to keep fans interest. Today they have released the first trailer that shows where the series is headed in the future.

YouTube video

The series shows the cast of characters up in arms against what is described as ‘the end of days.’ Geralt takes Princess Ciri to the only place he can suggest is safe, his Witcher school home of Kaer Morhen. Princess Ciri is shown to start her training by taking up arms against monsters as she and Geralt are shown battling a monstrous Leshen, a woodland-type creature that can manipulate roots.

Yennefer is shown to have survived the Battle of Sodden but seems to be in a precarious position as well, with nations battling over supremacy, and Ciri battling herself over the mysterious power she contains. Another welcome returning character brings the dark fantasy series a wealth of comedic comfort in Jaskier, who is known as Dandelion in the books. “Gentlemen it’s been an honour,” he is seen telling rats stationed on a barrel.

If the second season of The Witcher is as strong as the first, fans are in for an exciting ride through a unique universe where nothing is off-limits. The Witcher’s second season is on the horizon, as it airs on December 17 exclusively on Netflix.

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