ToeJam and Earl Gets New Kickstarter

| February 25, 2015

If you owned a Sega Genesis back in the 90s, odds are you have fond memories of ToeJam and Earl. Well, now there’s a chance you can relive some of that nostalgia as one of the creators, Greg Johnson, has launched a Kickstarter to fund a true sequel to the game.


The goal is to reach $400 000, and with 29 days to go, over 8 thousand dollars were raised. For backers, there are tons of rewards from in game credits to figures.

Those who have stuck with the series might remember two other ToeJam and Earl games that didn’t’ quite live up to the standard the original set. Johnson actually talks about those titles not being what he wanted them to be, and essentially puts the blame on his publishers for changing their direction. To him, this is the sequel they set out to make over 20 years ago. The game features 2D sprites with a fixed camera from above that can be zoomed in and out with that funky music that made the game so unique.


As of now, the plan is to launch on all platforms, but first for PC. But that won’t happen if thing doesn’t get funded though. So fellow gamers, let’s go to Kickstarter!

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