Roccat Reveals New Studio-Quality Torch Microphone

Roccat Reveals New Studio-Quality Torch Microphone

Roccat has revealed its new Torch microphone, the first studio-grade USB microphone, which retails for $99.99 and is up for pre-orders now.

Torch will launch on August 15, 2021, and it comes packed with quite a few features that aspiring creators will find useful. The microphone sports a dual-condenser design with 24-Bit audio and up to 48kHz sampling. Mixer style controls also make it easy for users to adjust things on the fly.

The microphone also features three different pickup patterns; Cardioid is meant to pick up voice directly in front of the microphone, Stereo utilizes the left and right channels to pick up everything around the microphone, and Whisper is ideal for late-night sessions when you need to be quiet. Below is an overview of all the Torch’s features:

  • Dual condenser capsule design with 24-Bit audio quality
  • Professional mixer-style controls
  • Three pick-up patterns, including the exclusive Whisper
  • Contactless Quick-Mute gesture control
  • Reactive RGB lighting with AIMO
  • Driver free plug and play setup
  • Boom arm compatible, without compromise
Roccat Reveals New Studio-Quality Torch Microphone

ROCCAT is an offshoot brand of Turtle Beach, with a selection of different keyboards, mice, microphones, and more. René Korte, ROCCAT Founder and General Manager for PC peripherals at Turtle Beach, commented on the announcement by saying,

“The Torch’s distinct look, pro-level performance, and attractive price make it perfect to grow with you as you chase your streaming and content creation passions. Gamers watch their favourite streamers and are inspired to create content themselves, and a studio-grade microphone is no longer a luxury, it’s a must-have accessory. We’re excited to enter a new PC peripheral category with the Torch, and to deliver another high-performance accessory that adds to our desktop ecosystem.”

For anyone interested, the Roccat website notes some kind of installment plant for the Torch, and more info can be seen on the microphone’s page.

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