Treyarch Appeases Call of Duty Community

Treyarch Appeases Call of Duty Community 1

One of the biggest issues as of late in the gaming community as a whole is the use of micro-transactions. This is especially true when these micro-transactions do not guarantee that you will get what you are paying for. Developers have been implementing a RNG system, or a “random number generator”. Random number generators are algorithms used when computing an outcome that needs to be as random as possible. Basically, the RNG system is a method used to lock specific content behind a luck-based slot machine.

RNG systems have caused an uproar within most gaming communities in which they are implemented. Destiny players were annoyed when they dealt with it, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare players were outraged when they dealt with it, and now Black Ops III players are so frustrated with the RNG system that the community is trying to put a stop to it.

The Black Ops III community, especially some big-name COD YouTubers and the majority of the r/blackops3 subreddit, have expressed their extreme displeasure with the slot machine that is Supply Drops. Supply Drops come in common and rare varieties, with each crate guaranteeing three exclusive Black Market items. These items vary in rarity and usefulness, including anything from weapon camos and taunts to special calling cards and one of the 13 new weapons exclusive to the Supply Drops.

Cod Appeases Angry Mob

The cases are opened using either the in-game earnable currency called Cryptokeys, or by purchasing COD points. The latter, however, has been shunned by the Black Ops III community, with some YouTubers going so far as to say anyone who buys COD points is a traitor to the community.

The reason Black Ops III players are so upset about the slew of new content is that purchasing COD points doesn’t guarantee you a weapon. In fact, people have been known to spend hundreds of dollars and see as few as one or two weapons at the most. This has sparked a rebellion of sorts, known as the Black Market Blackout, which urges players to stop buying Supply Drops until Activision and Treyarch change their ways by introducing and distributing new content fairly amongst all players.

Cod Appeases Angry Mob 1

The truth is, some of the Supply Drop exclusive content does give players an edge over those who don’t have the weapons. While some weapons are just melee weapon variants, some, like the silent NX ShadowClaw crossbow, are superior to the base-game weapons. This type of purchasable content is known as Pay to Win content, which is generally frowned upon in any game, especially once players have already spent a decent chunk of money on the game and its season pass.

Now that you know why the community is angry, it’s time to get to the appeasing part. Treyarch is launching the second Double Cryptokey Weekend, which essentially doubles the earn rate of Supply Drops. This time around, the earn rate of the Zombies mode currency, Liquid Divinium, will also be doubled.

As I mentioned, Cryptokeys are used to open Supply Drops containing exclusive content. Liquid Divinium is used in Dr. Monty’s Factory to create GobbleGum gumballs that grant players special perks when consumed in a Zombies match.

Cod Appeases Angry Mob 3

The Black Ops III community has reacted mostly positively to the 2X currency weekend, but some players see it as a way to distract the community from the real issues present in Black Ops III.

Regardless of your position on the ethical predicament of Supply Drops or the Black Market Blackout, jumping online this weekend couldn’t hurt, as you’ll double your opportunities to open Supply Drops. The event starts today at 1:00 P.M. EST, and will run until Monday at 1:00 P.M. EST.

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