Tricky Towers Coming To Xbox One, Receives New Playable Characters

| Jul 19, 2017
Tricky Towers Coming To Xbox One, Receives New Playable Characters 1

WeirdBeard Games, the developers behind the smash hit indie title, Tricky Towers, have announced that the title will be receiving DLC content, in addition to an Xbox One release of the full game.

The Xbox One version of Tricky Towers will be available sometime later this year. The game will also ship with an all new story mode which will be exclusive to the new Xbox One version of the game, but will eventually roll out on Steam and PlayStation 4 as well.

Tricky Towers will also be getting downloadable content in the form of a character pack. The DLC is focused on bringing with it characters featured in other, popular Indie titles. Upcoming characters include Thane from Armello, Clunk from Awesomenauts, Fish from Nuclear Throne, Candyman from Lethal League, Last of the Order from Towerfall Ascension and Octodad from Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

The character pack is aptly named Indie Friends and will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Steam releases of the game, with an Xbox One release planned. No definitive release date has been announced at this time.

A stackable 10% discount will be applied towards the Indie Friends DLC for those who own any of the aforementioned games, potentially pricing the new content at 70% off. Additionally, Tricky Towers itself will be heavily discounted at 60% off on both the PlayStation Network and Steam.

Tricky Towers, originally launched in 2016, took the best elements of games such as Tetris and gave it a new twist. Players in the game are tasked with building the tallest towers possible with the use of tetromino pieces and bricks. Players must build the highest towers possible while they compete against the AI or real life opponents. The game uses realistic physics that make the stacking and building mechanic quite challenging while at the same time, delivering a fun and rewarding party game.

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