Turtle Beach Reveals State-Of-The-Art New Stealth Pro Headset

turtle beach unveils new multiplatform stealth pro headset 23032303

Gaming accessory maker, Turtle Beach, today revealed its new flagship wireless multiplatform gaming headset—the Stealth Pro—for gaming on Xbox, PlayStation, Windows PCs, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

With the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro, consumers will experience high-quality gaming audio through a hand-matched set of Turtle Beach’s large and powerful signature 50mm Nanoclear drivers, offering more bass and vast, immersive sound. The Stealth Pro also offers effective noise-cancellation, from full noise transparency where you can still hear ambient background noise, to 25dB noise reduction that blocks out most distractions so you can focus on whatever tasks are at hand. 

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Gamers can also choose between using the Stealth Pro’s dual built-in mics, or the removable TruSpeak boom mic which reduces background noise 10x more. Both mics feature Turtle Beach’s “S.M.A.R.T. (Sonic Measurement Audio Reduction Tuning) microphone technology” that picks up just your voice, and nothing else. Additional features like Variable Mic Monitoring, Superhuman Hearing, audio presets, and other customization controls are available via the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app.

Our Stealth Pro is the absolute pinnacle of gaming audio with sound quality, noise-cancellation, build quality, and comfort that are simply unmatched,” said the Chairman and CEO of Turtle Beach Corporation, Juergen Stark. “Not only does the Stealth Pro’s high-quality audio beat everything else in the market, but all your settings are saved directly to the headset and controlled in the app, so you can take your personalized sound with you when you’re on the go.”

Turtle Beach Reveals State Of The Art New Stealth Pro Headset 23032303

Stark continued, “Since its earliest days in development, our team benchmarked the Stealth Pro’s audio quality and noise-cancellation against other high-end headsets and engineered it to beat the competition on every level. With nearly 50 years of expertise delivering cutting-edge innovation in PC and gaming audio, the Stealth Pro stands proudly as a beacon for others to now follow.”

Designed for Xbox and PlayStation versions of the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro are available for pre-order at participating retailers worldwide for $329.99 (€329.99 | £279.99) MSRP. The Stealth Pro is set to claim its rightful spot on the throne on April 23rd, 2023. For more information on Turtle Beach’s all-new Stealth Pro as well as the latest products and accessories, be sure to visit their website.

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