Popular Streamer Nadia Suspended By Twitch

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Following numerous YouTube accusations of the Twitch streamer Nadia utilizing ‘hacks’ to perform better in Warzone, Twitch issued a suspension.

Since her rise to prominence in the streaming scene last year, YouTube creator and Twitch streamer Nadia has seen numerous accusations of cheating with ‘wallhacks’ and ‘aimbots’ due to her outstanding performance at home not translating very well to live events. Her latest event performance in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Beta event in September has been sub-par, to say the least with a 4-16 K/D ratio reported by GameRant, especially when compared to her streaming masterclasses she regularly hosts almost daily on the Call of Duty Warzone battlefield.

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Many YouTube content creators have been divided on this issue, as creators such as Doug ‘Censor’ Martin have made videos claiming the cheating is real themselves, and other creators such as Ninja defending the accusations. On the fence regarding the issue is creator like MoistCr1tikal (penguinz0 on YouTube) making fun of the videos — ‘Censor’s video in particular — calling it “Clown Behavior“. But despite all of the backlash and ‘hack-usations’ surrounding the popular streamer, no reprimand regarding cheating has been handed down to Nadia considering she hasn’t been proven to have cheated.

Today Twitch handed a suspension down to Nadia however, for “This channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service,” and Nadia herself explained the reason why on Twitter.

Despite the acknowledgement of the suspension on Twitter for “sharing personal information,” the rumour wheel continues to spin on the Twitter platform, with @CODMW2Informer stoking the flames with “Nadia has been heavily suspected of cheating in Warzone on numerous occasions however, it’s unclear as to whether that’s the reason for the ban,” the comment section is riddled with others sharing the sentiment that it’s well deserved.

Despite all of the accusations and rumours, there is still a lack of evidence the streamer in fact uses cheating software, and her suspension which was handed down today will end in two weeks. Fans will likely hear more by following the streamer on Twitter.

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