Undertale Reveals Nintendo Switch Release Date

Undertale Reveals Nintendo Switch Release Date 8

Undertale’s official Twitter has announced that the game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch this fall in North America and Europe.

For North American players, Undertale can now be pre-purchased in the Nintendo eShop.

A role-playing game created by Toby Fox, Undertale has unique and charming characters who players can interact with. These characters include Toriel, who the player meets early on in the game and is nicknamed “goat mom” by the fandom, Sans, a skeleton with many puns to share and the ability to break the fourth wall, as well as a lesbian couple who both love anime.  

Players start the game by falling into a 2D world of monsters, where they must solve puzzles and decide whether or not to kill the characters they encounter. Characters can be defeated in a nonviolent manner by selecting a series of commands, or even having the player character flee the battle at times.

Undertale Reveals Nintendo Switch Release Date 4
Undertale screenshot. Image provided by CGMagazine staff.

The decisions the player character makes in Undertale will have consequences, and the game itself will remember the choices. These haunting references to previous decisions, games, and whether or not the player decides to save scum also appears in the form of Sans himself, as well as the character Flowey.

Undertale is also packed with shops, shenanigans like balancing a bunch of hotdogs on your head, as well as interconnected music.

The game will be available for the Nintendo Switch on September 18.

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