UNDREAM Invites You On a Tour of the Abstract

| May 1, 2014
UNDREAM Invites You On a Tour of the Abstract - 2014-04-27 18:41:15

So here’s something cool. International multimedia studio and generally cryptic bunch UNDREAM (did you see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo? They’re responsible for the strangely violent liquid obsidian title sequence) made something arguably videogame-ey. It’s a surreal piece they describe as an “interactive music experience”. This project, titled Timekeeper, is a virtual tour through a visualized version of Turkish composer Mercan Dede’s single of the same name. Everybody’s set on the same path through the exhibition but the player is free to wheel the camera as they choose.

Arbitrarily drawn geometry and numbers with no discernible purpose stretch through a haze of statically charged steam and distorted, blinding fluorescent lighting. Something in the distance is flickering and the familiar image of a doorway seems to bleed some sort of significance. It’s weird and haunting. If you can tease out a meaning, I’m all ears.

Like most of UNDREAM’s work, Timekeeper exists without much scrutable explanation. They deal in imagery with visceral impact that may be entirely devoid of intended meaning. And that’s perfectly okay; their theme, whatever it is, comes across with intensity a-plenty. Have a look! It should only take a five minute sized slice of your time.

Credit to Warp Door for pointing out its existence.

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