Until Dawn Aftermath Trailer

| August 7, 2015
Until Dawn (PS4) Review 7

I watch horror movies all the time and I often find myself yelling at the screen when the teens make what I think to be poor decisions. Well, players will soon have the opportunity to survive a slasher flick of their own in Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn. Will you fight or run? Will you survive? Can you make it until dawn?


New trailer demonstrates cause and effect in Until DawnSomething we’ve spoken about a lot with Until Dawn is the Butterfly Effect system and how that affects the story; where your moment to moment decisions can have immediate or long-term impact on the events of the night.The way we have implemented this system in game means there are thousands of potential branches to every player’s individual story. Some of your decisions might appear to be inconsequential – a conversation choice that makes a character come across as a bit of an ass, for example – but if you’d made a different choice that character might have ended up the hero. Everything you choose can affect how other characters react, potentially with dire consequences. Some choices are more obvious but much more difficult, like choosing which friend will live and which will die.The thing is, you won’t always know what impact your choices will have until after you’ve made them – it was important to us that players shouldn’t second guess their path through the story of Until Dawn. It’s only after you’ve made a decision that you’ll find out the consequences of that choice, sometimes only hours later.

Our latest trailer shows the potential aftermath of your decisions. Only your choices determine who survives Until Dawn…

Tim Hodges – Product Manager, SCEE



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