Raimi, Asbille, Whittrock Unite for Horror Film, Don’t Move


With the success of some recent horror films, an upcoming horror Don’t Move will have some big studios and actors behind the film.

As Cannes 2023 kicks off tomorrow, some big movie announcements are already trickling in. In a studio triumvirate project, the upcoming horror thriller Don’t Move will have the backing of the major production studios: Sam Raimi’s Raimi Productions, Christian Mercuri’s Capstone Studios and Alex Lebovici’s Hammerstone Studios. They have already announced that Kelsey Asbille and Finn Whittrock have been cast as the film’s leads.

Film Title: Happy Death Day 2U
Jessica Rothe as Tree Gelbman in “Happy Death Day 2U,” written and directed by Christopher Landon.

The announcement came after it was confirmed how successful Raimi’s latest film Evil Dead Rise had been at the box office, grossing over $125 million worldwide in its third week of release. Raimi himself did not direct the film, but with Bruce Campbell and himself as executive producers, it showed that the gory genre is still strong.

Don’t Move will be a promising horror project, as most of the studios and cast members have worked together on some terrifying movies or shows. The three studios recently teamed up to produce the action thriller Boy Kills World, starring Bill Skarsgard (John Wick: Chapter 4) and Jessica Rothe (Happy Death Day), which is currently in post-production.

Upcoming Horror Don'T Move Taps Leads And Studios: Raimi Productions,Capstone Studios, Hammerstone Studios 2

Co-directors Adam Schindler and Brian Netto will direct Don’t Move. They recently worked on the episodes of Raimi’s horror anthology series 50 States of Fright. This new movie will be about an experienced killer who injects a grieving woman with a paralyzing agent. She must run, fight and hide before her body completely shuts down.

“We are beyond thrilled to be making this absolute white-knuckle ride of a movie with talents like Kelsey and Finn,” said Schindler and Netto. “On top of that, we get to work with the teams at Raimi, Capstone and Hammerstone – companies that are at the top of the genre game. We could not be more excited to get to work.”

T.J. Cimfel and David White, who also worked on the Rory Culkin-led Intruders, will serve as the film’s screenwriters. Lebovici noted that “Kelsey and Finn have starred in some of the most popular suspense-driven projects on the market today,” so bringing them together on screen made sense. He clearly sees a lot of promising talent, as he produced last year’s horror hit Barbarian. Don’t Move seems to be off to a great start. As more announcements are made, we will have to see what other stars are tapped for the project.

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