UPDATE: Wonder Woman Loses its Director, Here’s why you Shouldn’t Worry

| Apr 16, 2015

It was only a few days ago, when Warner Bros. announced they’d be removing Michelle MacLaren from the Wonder Woman film, have swiftly found a replacement to pick up the reins of the project.

MacLaren, would’ve been the first woman to direct a major superhero movie, and now Patty Jenkins will be the one to grasp that title. What’s particularly interesting is, Jenkins, director of the Oscar-winning Monster, was supposed to helm DC Comics adversary, Marvel’s Thor 2: The Dark World before being given the same excuse, of studio and director having “creative differences”.  The opportunity snatched right from under her a few years back, has now found its way back to her with Wonder Woman. It’s ironic that the first woman to direct a big blockbuster super hero movie is also the first to bring a heroine super hero movie to the big screen.

Warner Bros. wasted no time finding a substitute to bring this high profile character to life. By acting so quickly you’d think the Flash might’ve had a hand in it all. Adding someone who has won an Oscar, the Charlize Theron in fact, speaks for its self to what she brings to table.

It would also seem that the street date of June 23


, 2017 has not been affected.  So no need to worry DC Comics enthusiasts, Wonder Woman is coming.

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