VR Experience A Night Sky to Receive New Content Pack

| Jun 23, 2017
VR Experience A Night Sky to Receive New Content Pack

Coatsink Software has announced a new content pack for their VR experience, A Night Sky.

Coatsink’s free Gear VR exclusive, A Night Sky, will be getting its first content pack since the game’s release in April 2017. The pack will add a variety of objects and creatures to view and interact with. Players will be able indulge an owl, defy a dragon and conduct a kaleidoscope of butterflies.

Developed by Coatsink Software, A Night Sky is meant to be a relaxing VR experience for Samsung’s VR . The game features compatibility with Samsung’s Gear VR controller, along players to explore and interact with their environment. Using a simple point and touch control interface, players can connect the stars above them to form unique constellation patterns. These constellations are then brought to life, creating a variety of creatures that will roam the game’s hillside area. Coatsink aims to release new content packs for A Night Sky monthly, featuring new characters with unique interactions to discover.

Coatsink Software has developed a number of VR titles in the past. Their 2015 title, Esper, is a VR puzzle game available on Rift and Samsung Gear VR. Set in 1975, Esper has players take on the role of a person with psychic abilities. The player must use their powers of telekinesis to solve puzzles created as a test by the government. The game was well received, resulting in a follow-up title, Esper 2. Esper 2 continues the plot of the first game, this time having players become a field agent after completing the trials of the first game.

Coatsink is currently working on their upcoming Samsung Gear VR title, Augmented Empire. The game will be a story-driven tactical set on an isolated neo noir city. Augmented Empire is currently planned to launch this year.

A Night Sky’s new content pack will be available on June 30, priced at $0.99.

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