Wasteland 3 Announced, Crowdfunding on Fig

Wasteland 3 Announced, Crowdfunding on Fig 1

Wasteland 2 proved quite a hit when it was released in 2014. Developed as a direct sequel to Fallout‘s inspiration, Wasteland, the game successfully captured the setting and gameplay of the original while reimagining the world for a modern audience. So why wait to develop a third game? According to Kotaku, inXile has officially announced today that Wasteland 3 is is being developed for PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

In a press release posted by the gaming website, inXile noted that Wasteland 3 plans to include “vehicles, environmental dangers, and a revamped, more fluid action system,” with the game taking place “in the savage lands of frozen Colorado.” A brand new dialogue tree system is being developed for the sequel, with the player’s Ranger base serving as “a full base of operations, allowing you to gather materials, do research, reach out to factions over the radio, try to set up supply lines and trade routes,” among many other features.

The game also plans to feature multiplayer gameplay, letting you tag along with a friend “in story-driven synchronous or asynchronous multiplayer,” a first for the series. It’s safe to say that inXile is embracing an open-world multiplayer format, encouraging players to engage in Wasteland 3‘s world however they would like.

Kotaku also notes that inXile will be using Fig in order to raise $2.75 million to fund the game. Seeing how well Wasteland 2 performed on Kickstarter back in 2012, turning back to crowdfunding is certainly a wise idea. But it’s interesting that inXile chose Fig, not Kickstarter, to launch their project. Perhaps the company is interested in using the site to appeal to investors, as opposed to simply raising funds. Either way, feel free to sign up for crowdfunding news on Wasteland 3 on the campaign’s official Fig page, and stay tuned as more news is revealed regarding inXile’s post-apocalyptic sequel.

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