Watch Dogs 2 Brings Four-Player Co-op In New Update

Watch Dogs 2 Brings Four-Player Co-op In New Update

Ubisoft is celebrating the Fourth of July with a different kind of party. Watch Dogs 2 is receiving a new update that will bring with it the long-awaited 4-Player Party Mode.

Grab Some Friends, Watch Dogs 2 Has 4-Player Co-Op 1

With the new update, players can create a public or private party with room for up to four friends or strangers if you use matchmaking. From there, San Francisco is your playground. The police are still enabled, and players can try to take down the Red Zones if they want. At any time, players can jump into any activities that support four players: “Bounties,” “Invasions,” “Loot Trucks,” “Races, Showdown,” “Man VS Machine Robot Fights,” and the “DedSec Virus” events.

The four-Player Party mode is intended to be more about cooperation than competition. Anything that happens in the new mode will not affect leaderboard standings at all.

“It’s something we’ve been thinking about for a long time,” says Watch Dogs 2 producer Kris Young. “It’s always more fun to be in a team, and the online modes we have are great, but we really wanted to expand on them. We also pay attention to what our community is saying, and it’s something they’ve been clamouring for, so we’re happy to finally make it available to everyone.”

Along with the new four-Player mode, there are some slight fixes and improvements to the experience of playing Watch Dogs 2 online.

Grab Some Friends, Watch Dogs 2 Has 4-Player Co-Op 2

Watch Dogs 2 already has a fun world to explore, so we mostly had to do some adjustments and gameplay balances,” says Young. “We introduced an option to let you skip the cinematic when you’re using the 3D printer, we know that was kind of frustrating. We also fixed the shuffler takedown move and outfit that some players weren’t able to unlock properly, with a few other stability fixes as well.”

To celebrate the new mode along with celebrating Independence Day, Watch Dogs 2 will have a special in-game event during the month of July that includes fireworks displays over San Francisco and the paintball gun now shoots red, white, and blue pellets.

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