What If…? Midseason Sneak Peek Hints at its Upcoming Crossover Event

What If...? Midseason Sneak Peek Hints at its Upcoming Crossover Event

It’s been kind of a wild ride with Marvel’s Studios Animated Anthology series, What If…? the last couple of weeks but it doesn’t seem like it’s slowing down if the Midseason trailer is anything to go off of.

While the show has focused on certain points of the MCU timeline, it hasn’t approached the final moments of Avengers: Endgame—until now anyway. In a clip in the trailer, Tony Stark (played by Mick Wingert) can be seen with the Infinity Stones in His Iron Man-like Infinity Gauntlet, ready to make an impactful snap that mirrors the 2019 film.

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Other new What If…? clips featured in the trailer show off the dark magic-corrupted variant of Stephen Strange known as Doctor Strange Supreme and a younger Thor talking about zombies, presumably from episode five. In a later clip, we see Strange Supreme–which, speculating here, might be the same from episode four–facing off with a more familiar Doctor Strange, who asks: ‘What happened to you?”

The clips are hinting that the three branches of the multiverse will correlate somehow in an upcoming story of What If…? That’s not all though, as we do also get shots of other characters who have yet to be featured, including Captain Marvel, Korg, Gamora, and Killmonger. Once again the trailer shows a variation on the iconic Avengers pose from the 2012 film, featuring Captain Carter, a more armoured Black Widow, and Gamora. Thor and possibly T’Challa Starlord can be seen in the background. It’s kind of hard to make out from the back but the helmet that character is wearing looks similar to T’Challa’s Starlord helmet.

Chadwick Boseman'S Final Performance Continues In Remaining Episodes Of Marvel'S What If...?.
Chadwick Boseman’s final performance continues in remaining episodes of Marvel’s What If…?. (Disney)

Since the series started it has already explored variations of the stories we know with differences that change the game. This includes Peggy Carter taking Steve Rogers’ place as a super-soldier as Captain Carter or T’Challa (played by Chadwick Boseman, one of his last performances as the character) taking Peter Quill’s spot as Starlord and the adoptive son of alien pirates.

While the series is an anthology, the first couple of episodes have left open more stories to tell. If this trailer is hinting at anything then that might be coming sooner rather than later for a couple of variants we’ve been introduced in the first half of What if…?

Before the last half of What if…? season 1 drops, you can stream the first five episodes of the series on Disney+. Tomorrow’s episode, meanwhile, will include the return of Michael B. Jordan as Killmonger.

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