Witcher 2 Team Creating New Cyberpunk Title

| October 18, 2012

The development team behind the fantasy lore RPG, “The Witcher” are back again with a brand new cyberpunk RPG. 

“Cyberpunk 2077” is the latest development title from CD Projekt Red. While this game has been under development for quite some time under the name, “Cyberpunk” the company recently announced a new website and name for the RPG. 

Mateusz Kanik, the game director behind Cyberpunk 2077, published a blog post today on the game’s newest website, www.cyberpunk.net

“Our whole team is really feeling the Cyberpunk. We grew up on it. This is really important because we have a very difficult task at hand. We want to show this world from the perspective of the year 2077,” Kanik wrote on the site.

Kanik was talking about the decision to basically revamp the original classic, Cyberpunk 2020. The original was released in 1990, and was created by Mike Pondsmith. Pondsmith has also been brought on to help with the creation of this game; a note to ease the minds of die hard fans. 

It’s an issue the development team at Projekt Red know exists. 

“Who are these crazy people? Why did they decided to pick the Cyberpunk setting? What is driving them forward?,” Kanik wrote. 

From the various comments left on the company’s website, though, fans are all for the revamp. There have been requests made for pre orders, and day one purchase specials posted on the website. 

The developers have promised they will keep the game rooted in its RPG game play mechanic origins, and with Pondsmith on the team, it looks like something they’ll be able to deliver. 

There is no current release date for the game, nor any new information. Keep it locked here for all the latest developments on the story. Let us know what you think by commenting or drop us a tweet @CGMPlus.

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