Women in Animation Vancouver Reveals Animation Career EXCELerator Program Candidate Short List

Women in Animation Vancouver Reveals Animation Career EXCELerator Program Candidate Short List

Women in Animation Vancouver has officially revealed a shortlist of candidates for the third interaction of its ACE program, the immersive Animation Career EXCELelerator training program with support from its premier sponsor, Netflix Canada.

Applicants for the Women in Animation Vancouver program are Canadian mid-level animation professionals that identify either as women or non-binary. Among the animation talent in Canada that have applied for the program is a range of diversity which includes women (83.3 percent), LGBTQ2+ (25.8 percent), non-binary (16.7 percent), Latin American (13.6 percent), Southeast Asian (10.6 percent), Indigenous and Métis (combined is 4.5 percent), disabled (6.1 percent), among others.

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Source: Women in Animation Vancouver

Out of the total animation talent that applied to the Women in Animation Vancouver program, it was shortlisted to 32 applicants and will participate in workshops, pitch training, mentoring and more as part of the first phase of the program. Check out the full list of candidates below that is sorted by job categories that applicants submitted which include producer, concept creator, short film writer, director, art director, animation director, storyboard supervisor, editor and composer.

  • Producer:
    • Courtenay Crane
    • Erika Thompson
    • Leanne Cohen Fogel
    • Stephanie Hodgson
  • Concept Creator:
    • Cindey Hu
    • Heather Thompson
    • Jaida Salmon
    • Maria Christina Cruz
    • Moniquea Marion
    • Shona Kavi
  • Short Film Writer:
    • Nattasha Shrestha
    • Sunita Balsara
    • Chelsea Laufer
    • Jasmine Blair
    • Gayoung Yang
  • Director:
    • Beatriz Martin
    • Daniela Fischer
    • Sonia Furier
    • Morgan Shandro
    • Thalia Tomlinson
    • Sunita Balsara
  • Art Director
    • Laura Andrea De Pascale
    • Lorena Salas Reyes
    • May-Yun Ong
    • Erin Miller Hawryluk
  • Animation Director:
    • Molly Lacoursiére
    • Natasha Armolavicius
  • Storyboard Supervisor:
    • Ana Bohac
    • Morgan Shandro
  • Editor:
    • Maria Isabel de Melo Ribeiro
  • Composer:
    • Amanda Cawley
    • Julie Reich

“Every application was passionate, articulate and told a unique story. ACE is so honoured to witness our program grow and reach animation professionals across the country, allowing us to empower underrepresented communities to lead authentic content creation,” Women in Animation Vancouver advisor & ACE program founder and co-executive producer, Ann Tisserand said in a press release.

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